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Compact Circular Saw

A compact circular saw could be a power tool that could perform almost all the cutting functions with ease. Let it be wood, metal, or alloy, a compact circular saw loaded with an appropriate type of blade could cut it with ease. However, the compact circular saw is a single-hand use power tool that delivers high power, which, in turn, makes it dangerous to be used without proper preparation and precautions.

If you are a beginner and if you want useful and efficient tips on using a compact circular saw, then here are 5 tips that could help you.

Compact Circular Saw

  1. Understand your saw guide marks –

No matter what type of circular saw you are using, it would come with a guide mark notched into the shoe incorporated into it. Most commonly, the guide would be set right in front of the blade and 90% of the top brands follow the same style. Though the guide mark might look different, the functions and principles would be the same. If you need to make a 90 or 45-degree cut, use this guide mark. But, before that, use the guide mark once on a sample stock and understand how to follow it.

  1. Always support the work/stock –

Over the years, one of the common mistakes that we have seen people make is the way they handle the entire process. Some users simply put the stock on the ground or a table and try to cut it. This is a dangerous way of using a circular saw, remember, the blade could break or material could come flying at you leading the fatal injuries. Therefore, try to load or keep the material or stock on a thick foam or a wood piece. The purpose of the foam or wood would be to raise the stock to offer some clearance between the stock and the bottom surface.

  1. Never go too deep –

Most of the compact circular saws come with a feature that would allow the user to adjust the depth of cut. Once you have set the stock or work on foam or wood, you should set the cutting depth. Do not overdo it, too much cutting depth that what is required could result in messier cuts.

  1. Always start with straight cut –

Always start your cutting process with a short and straight freehand cut. Most people commonly do not follow this. If you are an experienced person, you could neglect this step, however, beginners will find it hard to cut without following this process.

  1. Use an offset block –

One of the biggest issues while using a compact circular saw is that the user cannot keep track of the offset while cutting, this drawback often results in a waste of time and money. However, this issue could be overcome, if you use an offset block. All you have to do is simply cut a block of wood with the same width of the saw’s offset, once you have marked or drawn your initial cut line, place the offset on the line and the other edge should rest where the saw guide needs to be fixed or clamped.

All the tips mentioned above could help any beginner or a person with intermediate skills to use the saw with maximum efficiency and accuracy.


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