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Buying a washing machine is a wonderful home appliance for washing your clothes if you use it correctly. If you do some inappropriate things with your washing machine, then your washing machine may be at risk of damage. Here are a few things that put your washing machine at risk.

Memory Foam Pillows:

Memory foam pillows are not compatible with the washing machine. If you put these pillows in the washing machine, they will be damaged and will be not at a state to use them again. They will become dull and their life will be ended. Also, these pillows may cause damage to the machine.

Flammable stains: 

Though the main purpose of the washing machine it to remove stains, you should avoid putting flammable stains in it. Some examples of flammable stains are cooking oil, gasoline and alcohol. If your clothes are stained with cooking oil, alcohol or gasoline, you should wash them by hand instead of putting them in the machine, as these can cause a house fire.


Coins are very dangerous for your washing machine. If you accidentally put a coin with your clothes in the machine, it will break your machine. So, you should do a thorough check of your pockets of jeans and pants before putting them in the machine. This fault can happen anytime accidentally, so you need to care for it.


You should always avoid putting your leather purses in the washing machine. These purses can damage your machine severely. Also, these purses will be damaged when you put them in the washing machine. The zipper in the bag and decoration in the exterior can cause damage to your washing machine.


Raincoats are waterproof in nature. If you put them in the washing machine, they will jumble in your machine and act as balloons. So, you shouldn’t put these things in the washing machine.

King size comforters: 

The washing machine you use at your home is too small for your king size comforters. These comforters won’t fit into your washing machine. If you put your king size comforter in the washing machine, then your washing machine may break and also your comforter will not be cleaned. In laundries, industry-standard washing machines are used, which are capable to clean any size of things. So, you can put your king size comforter in the laundry for cleaning.


If a pen accidentally goes into the washing machine in your coat or shirt pocket, then it will damage your machine. Also, all your clothes will get stained with ink. So, you should check your coat pockets before putting it in the washing machine.


Ties are made of the finest fabrics such as wool or silk. If you put these things in the washing machine, then they will be damaged. Also, these may mess in the machine. So, you should clean your ties using dry cleaning method.


So, these are the common mistakes that may damage your washing machine. These mistakes may happen accidentally while washing clothes in your home. So, you should avoid these things to keep your washing machine risk free.


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