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The 21st century is all about modern technologies and innovations. From your phones to television, everything is getting smart. With advancing technologies, the awareness about fitness is increasing among people in our society. Authorities take special conference sessions for students of schools and colleges to enhance health awareness. Living in such a refined society with an unfit body deteriorates your confidence. Hiring a trainer to monitor your daily fitness activity is another headache.

Therefore, to make your life easier & save your time and money, fitness bands are a perfect choice. People are often confused if they should invest in a fitness band or not. If yes, why? To clear all these doubts and answer any such related questions, we are here with the advantages and disadvantages of the fitness trackers. It will help you to reach a wise eventuality in the subject. So, let us begin with the pros:

  1. Advantages of a fitness band:
  • Helps to set fitness goals:

You can readily use a fitness band to set your fitness goals. For example, you can address the daily step limit. If you achieve the daily goal, the band will notify you with an alert system. Likewise, you can determine other activities like sleep and calorie as well.

  • Keeps you determined:

For people who easily give up, the fitness tracker keeps reminding you about your daily activity. Thus, the constant push will keep you determined about your health and body.

  • Tracking of your sleep pattern:

Some people face a lot of problems while sleeping. Waking up during nights and incomplete sleep hours have a drastic effect on your health. A fitness band enables you to track various sleep stages, such as REM and NREM, so that you know about your sleep habits.

  • Counts the calorie burnt:

It is a perfect option for counting calories after a workout session. Even though smartphones also have this feature. But, you cannot keep a phone consistently attach to your body for it to work. The sensors in the band helps to give you accurate results.

  • Synchronization with phone:

You can also connect a fitness band to your smartphone. It has access to both iOS and Android.

  • Monitors your vitals:

It will let you know about your daily pulse, heart rate, steps, and respiratory rate!

  1. Disadvantages of a fitness band:
  • Accuracy is the point of debate:

The accuracy of various brands differ. It should be your primary focus. Make sure to compare different brands before purchasing one.

  • Battery life:

If you wear a fitness band for 24 hours, its battery will drain sooner. Looking for a band with high battery life will sort this problem.

  • Comfort varies in every person:

For everyday wear, it has to be comfortable. Therefore, it is a personal aspect that varies in every person.

  • Features come with expense:

If you want to go for premium features like waterproof and GPS tracking, be ready to invest some more amount.


A fitness band is such an essential device for today’s world that everyone must have it. It offers so many advantages that it masks all the cons. Therefore, do give it a try! Thanks for reading!


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