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Getting a new mattress is a daunting process. But, we can clean and maintain our older mattress in a good manner. Of course, upgrading the mattress is very essential for everyone. It gives more comfortable and bigger when you decide to clean and store perfectly. You should buy mattress bag to move your best mattress right. After buying it the quality mattress bag and using it next step it to clean it . so read further the process of cleaning and storing mattress bag.

5 Ways to Clean & Store Mattress in Mattress Bag

You have to clean a mattress once a month. It will stay from dust and provides long life after cleaning regularly. Before you clean the mattress, dismantle the bed and take the bed frame out from the mattress. Let us see the cleaning and storing procedures in detail.

Disassemble bed frame and headboard

At first, you should disassemble the bed frame and mattress separately. It is recommended to take apart from the bed frame at the time of cleaning. Then, put all the screws, nuts and small washers in a bag and kept it safely. After that, make a move and place the mattress alone for cleaning. You should remove the mattress from the bag and keep it ready for cleaning. Take time and sit then scrub thoroughly until the stains and dust remove completely.

Use cleaning tools

By using the cleaning tools, you can easily clean your mattress, box spring, and bed frame at home. The process is very simple and uses a brushy nozzle vacuum to remove dust, crumbs, and so on. Also, you can use upholstery cleaner to remove pet stains and others quickly. You have to do this in a well-ventilated area that lets mattress airflow outside. The cleaning process takes depends on your mattress size. Finally, you could remove stains, dust, and unwanted particles on the mattress bag.

Protect your mattress before moving

When storing a mattress bag, you should fix them with box spring and bed frame tightly. It gives long-lasting results when you store them in a safe condition. It does not get dirty when you clean often. You can store the nuts and screws in the storage box. To protect the disassembled bed frame, wrap the pieces in moving blankets. It gives outstanding results at the time of storing a mattress bag separately.

Lift and carry out mattress without breaking

At the time of cleaning and storing, you should get help from family members. Avoid lifting the mattress bag alone. It creates damages while shifting. You have to use moving straps to both and life the mattress bags. It easily loads into moving or need some other help to remove the mattress bags for cleaning purpose. Thus, it does not give any hassles when you go for cleaning and storage.

Use towel and dish detergent

You may use a towel or other cleaning thing to clean the mattress bag. You don’t want the liquid to soak into your mattress bags. Simply use some detergents to clean it safely. It does not require any efforts to clean it regularly. You can use water to remove dust and clean the spots and stains within a few minutes. Therefore, you have to use some methods to clean and store the mattress bags in a gentle manner.



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