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Refrigerators are the most sought-after kitchen appliances. But still people take refrigerators for granted. The refrigerators keep our food clean and fresh so that we can have something healthy every single day. The question arises ‘are you refrigerating the food materials the correct way or not?’

We all are aware of the fact that a good refrigerator under 25K rs is going to store perishable items such as meats in the best possible condition. Below, in our article, we have tried our best to figure what are the mistakes that people make with refrigerators and the ways to avoid them. Go ahead and read the below information mindfully.


Some common mistakes that people make with refrigerator:

  1. Not making use of the most of the space: This is a common mistake that is done by everyone. We all must have done this mistake repeatedly with our refrigerators. Instead of putting down the refrigerator for being too small, it is important to take the responsibility on yourself and perform a long-overdue cleaning. Before going to the food shop again, take the time to check out what you already have in the refrigerator. This helps in avoiding the problem of food wastage.
  2. 2.You might not be putting the right foods in the right place: The most important thing to do is learn to avoid putting the food product wherever they fit. Rather, try putting the materials in such a way that will help them last for a longer duration. We have made a rough guide for you on what to store where:
  3. Top shelf: The top shelf should be reserved for the food materials that do not need cooking such as pre-cooked leftovers and meats.
  4. Middle shelf: The middle shelf should be reserved for dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, butter, and milk.
  5. Lower shelf: The lower shelf is for none other than wrapped raw fish and meat. The bottom shelf also reduces the potential risk of cross-contamination.
  6. Inner door: The inner door is the warmest part of the fridge, it is there to store items that contain preservatives such as fruit juices, jams, and condiments.
  7. Drawers: The drawers are for salads, herbs, fruits, and vegetables.
  8. You might not be cleaning the refrigerator enough: Another common mistake that is done people is not cleaning their refrigerator enough. It is extremely important to keep the drawers, walls, and shelves of the refrigerator clean. Experts suggest that a deep clean should be performed at least once in a month. This prevents the refrigerator from bacteria and also eliminates the bad smell from the refrigerator.
  9. You might not be storing your food material well enough: It is important to keep the packages of open food and left-over food materials sealed. This helps in the potential risk of bacterial contamination. The experts recommend people to store the food in wrapped Clingfilm or airtight containers. (Note – The glass storage containers are eco-friendly and the best alternative of plastic containers).

That’s pretty much all about the refrigerators!


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