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Do you want to know about the weighing scale and its different types? Then sure you can proceed with this article. In general, a weighing scale is a machine that is especially utilized to measure the mass or weight very accurately. This is also otherwise known as weight scales, mass scales, weight balance, mass balance, balance scale or simply scale. Basically, the traditional scales are consisting of two bowls or plates suspended at the same distances from the fulcrum.

Types of Weighing Scale

You have to be very careful at the time of choosing the weighing scale because there are many types are available. You can choose your needed one. Below you can find the types of weighing scale.

Animal Scale 

It is a particular scale, which is specially designed for the purpose of weighing single heads of livestock in an effective manner.

Analytical Balance

Through analytical balance, one can easily measure weight or mass in a most accurate manner. Most of the analytical balance is having a scale division of around 0.0001g or 0.1 mg.

Counting Scale

By using the counting scale, one can easily weigh the multiple objects of the uniform weight and then will display the total piece count.

Checkweighing Scale 

Within the prescribed limits, one can able to easily check out the predetermined weight. This type of scale has been typically utilized in the weighing operations. And here the operator will fill and then weigh the product to make sure of the uniform weight. Some of the check weighers will effectively sound a buzzer or activate remote switches when the target weight is considered.

Vehicle Scale

The vehicle scale is mainly adapted to the weighing farm, highway, loaded or unloaded and other big industrial vehicles.

Jewelers’ Scale

Through the jeweler’s scale, you can accurately weigh the precious metals and gems.

Crane Scale

Through this one can able to easily weigh the loads at the time they have been freely suspended from the track-mounted crane or in an overhead.

 Postal Scale 

It is mainly designed for users to find the shipping weight or delivery charges for parcels or letters delivered by private shipping companies. During this time, the weight classifier can be utilized as the postal scale in a most extraordinary manner.

Multi-Interval Scale 

It is having a particular weighing range and it can be divided into the different scale interval, partial weighing ranges determined based on the applied load. It will be both on the increase and the decreasing loads very effectively

 Prescription Scale

If you want to weigh the medicinal products, then this machine is perfectly useful for you. it is mainly useful for physicians and pharmacists.

Point-of-Sale Scale

This scale is effectively utilized to complete the direct sales transaction is the most ultimate manner.


From the above-mentioned scenario, you can check out the various types of weighing scales. Now you can choose your most required and start using it now.


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