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Ladder Stabilizer

A ladder extension is something that is different from all the attachments available for a ladder. The sole purpose of using a ladder stabilizer is to improve the stability of the ladder. Yes, as per reports, there are at least 100+ accidental deaths each year related to a ladder.

As you know there are different types of ladders available on the market, some of the offer very high stability some of the offer very less stability. For example, a regular ladder with just two legs are comparatively less stable than the ones with four legs, when working on a ladder with just two legs, the chances of an accident is very high.

Ladder Stabilizer

So, what exactly does ladder stabilizer does? The answer is simple, as already mentioned, a good ladder stabilizer stabilizes a ladder so that the user could do rigorous work while standing on the ladder. There are circumstances where the top end of the ladder cannot be mounted on the wall when there is a window, door, or an uneven surface, in such situations attaching a ladder stabilizer would enable the user to use the ladder.

How does ladder stabilizer do such a thing? If you have not seen a ladder stabilizer then a peek at the product could help you understand. A ladder stabilizer is accessory with a wide tubular arm extending both sides, each arm would have an anti-skid pad. The user just has to attach the stabilizer to the top of the ladder and the arms would hold the ladder to the wall. The anti-skid pad makes sure that the ladder does not slip away.

A ladder stabilizer could be used on all the types of extension ladders, it could be even attached to regular ladders. However, such models are rare. To summarize what a ladder stabilizer could do for you,

  • It allows the user to mount the ladder at places where the top end of the ladder cannot be mounted on the wall. It could be an uneven surface, a wide door, wide window, air hole, etc.
  • Using ladder stabilizer would offer an extra protection to the user. Most commonly, the arms of the ladder stabilizer come with anti-skip pads that prevents the ladder from slipping away from the walls.
  • The anti-skid padding on the arms of a ladder stabilizer also serves the purpose of avoiding scratches or damages to the wall.

Apart from these two key uses, a ladder stabilizer also allows the user to clean windows, replace windows, gutters, fascia, etc. as it would not interfere with your work. When a ladder stabilizer is used, there would always be a clearance between the wall and the ladder, which allows the user to lean forward and replace windows and anything between the arms of the stabilizer. Using a ladder stabilizer is the best way to avoid renting scaffolding to replace gutter, windows, tiles, etc. on the wall.

Most of the experts recommend using a ladder stabilizer for the above-mentioned benefits. However, you should purchase the best suitable ladder stabilizer to enjoy these benefits.


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